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Lakeland, FL web design services for businesses looking to grow.

We build responsive websites for lead generation and conversion.

Our Lakeland, FL website design firm challenges convention.

These days, it seems like it’s easier than ever to build your own website. The kid down the block claims he can do it. And Wordpress makes it seem so easy.

Desktop computer and working area of a programmer in Lakeland, FL.

The truth is Wordpress sites are slower, which makes them provide a poor user experience on mobile-devices. And to get things perfect for your business, you practically need to be a Wordpress Developer.

This made me want to offer something different.

I’m Shenole. I started this website design company because I saw too many businesses in Lakeland, FL seduced by do-it-yourself website builders. They ended up with poorly functioning, boring brochure websites that looked bad on mobile-devices.

And worse, their websites weren’t optimized for search engines, so they didn’t get the traffic they wanted. Businesses in Lakeland, FL and elsewhere deserve better.

How we make websites that generate leads

Sharp 9 Media's specialty is building websites that generates and converts leads'.

You need a website that’s centered on your customers. Something that looks good on any device...a website that’s built and managed for you so you can spend more time on business.

And you want content that is detailed and isn’t full of fluff...content that gets seen by search engines. But there’s another powerful tool you might not know about. And that is...

The Magic of Analytics

Traffic analytics for Rapture Guns & Knives.

Google Analytics data for the Earthtone Music Productions website.

One of my clients owns a recording studio in Tampa, FL. After a week of observation, I noticed his website visitors were looking more and more at his custom karaoke tracks. I let him know about the trend right away. He had me increased the number of those tracks on his website and he gained a 74% increase in those sales.

I let my clients know new trends in traffic as a courtesy. That’s right, it’s not part of any package, and you don’t have to pay an extra dime.

We Hear Your Website Design Needs

Here's how the process works:

    Potential Lakeland, FL client answering an onboard call from Sharp 9 Media.

  1. On-boarding Call - We’ll talk about the concerns of your business, collect details about the services you offer, and come up with a marketing strategy on how you’re different than your competition. We’ll get the info to do keyword research that’ll boost traffic to your website.

  2. Computer monitor showing code being written for a website in development.

  3. Web Development - This is a hands-off process for you. We’ll be busy coding, formatting your images, and building your pages. Our writer makes sure there will be interesting and relevant content for your users to land on. This is also where we go through a methodized quality-checking. Each of our team checks each other’s work.

  4. Hard hat being held symbolizing a hard worker.

  5. Your Site Is Ready To Become Your Hardest Working Employee - At this point, we’ll present a website that’ll work for you day and night. You can also tell us if you would like ongoing SEO services.

    If there are any tweaks or changes you’d like, we want to know. In fact, we insist. The web design business is competitive, so we’re only as satisfied as our least satisfied customer.

Hey Shenole, how much will a website cost?

I’m glad you asked. We use a pricing model that is easy to understand, but depends on the unique needs of the business. For a free consultation, please call (863) 877-4200.

This isn’t a high-pressure sales call and there’s no obligation on your part.

Invest in our website design services for a website built with your needs in mind.

If you’re interested in having a website that’s fast and reliable, nothing beats a website built with your needs in mind. If you value peace of mind if any issue arises, we’re happily available by phone, email, online chat, and SMS.

Lastly, if you’re serious about taking your business to the next level with more clients, more information, and better customer experience, don’t wait any longer to invest in our website design services.

Tell us about your needs at (863) 877-4200.

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