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Lakeland, FL web design services for businesses looking to grow.

Whether you are a new small business owner or a mid-sized business owner who is established, growing your business is at the forefront of your mind.

Sharp 9 Media is a Lakeland, Florida web design company that is committed to helping you grow your business by building a strong online presence that will generate leads. It all starts with having a properly built website.

Our web design service is centered around building websites that generate leads from search engine traffic without needing to depend on numerous plugins from different developers.

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Your Website Is the Foundation of Your Company's Online Presence

Our built-in search engine optimization, functionality, and proven design features keep your website from just being an online brochure.

It cannot be stressed enough, a website forms the foundation of the online presence of your business. If your website is not built the right way, all of your other internet marketing and lead generation efforts will not perform well.

Phone screen displaying a graphic of various components of a company's internet presence.

Small and medium-sized businesses who either DIY (do it yourself) a website, hire cheap labor for website design, or utilize the services of web design firms that don’t follow good practices will usually end up with a website that functions as no more than an online brochure.

If all you want is a website that acts like a brochure, we are not the right web design company for you.

A business website should be a platform designed to work for lead generation, lead collection, and lead conversion so that your business can grow.

At Sharp 9 Media, we provide web design services to small and mid-sized businesses in Lakeland, Florida and beyond that include websites with proven design features, vital functionality, and built-in optimization for search engines.

We make sure that the foundation of your online presence is solidly built so that it can support all of your internet marketing efforts and any other endeavors that are embarked upon to generate and convert leads.

What makes our websites successful

We are a digital agency where everything surrounding our web design services centers around helping you to grow your small or mid-sized business. Some reasons why our websites are successful at getting positive results include:

  • Lead Generation - We use tactics and features in both our template and custom designs that are proven towards turning your visitors into leads.
  • Responsive Design - Your website will look great and function perfectly for visitors who view it on anything from a smart phone to a smart TV.
  • No Third-Party Plugins - Your website won’t need to rely on plugins created by open-source developers in order to function in the way that it should.
  • High-Quality Content - Because content is king, we write content that is full of factual details and does not cut corners.
  • Google Analytics - Our website design services include Google Analytics integration that allows monitoring of traffic and visitor behaviors.
  • Positive User Experience - The websites we build for you are easy for visitors to read, understand, and navigate.
  • Handwritten & Optimized Code - We use HTML 5 tags and the latest coding practices to write clean code optimized for being crawled by search engines.
  • 301 Redirects - We make sure any value held by a website we may be replacing is retained by your new website.
  • Properly Formatted Images - We provide file size optimizing, cropping, sizing, enhancements, alt tag descriptions, and geotagging of all images used.
  • Google Search Console - We integrate Google Search Console into your website so that its search performance on Google can be tracked.

Traffic analytics for Rapture Guns & Knives.

Google Analytics data for the Earthtone Music Productions website.

Our websites have been built using coding practices that provide search engine optimization right out of the box. However, the algorithms of search engines and the tactics of your competitors are constantly evolving. It would be advisable to invest in our on-going SEO services to enhance the performance of your website to maintain favorable rankings.

The Process You Can Expect With Your Website Design Project

When you contact our web design agency to have a website built for your company, we follow a very organized and systematic process.

We generally can complete your website design project in 4 weeks. However, this may increase if you are late providing us with any photos you want us to include or if we are in a time of high volume. If you do not have any photos to provide us, we can use stock images at no additional cost to you.

Keep in mind that studies by marketing experts like MarketingExperiments.com clearly show that approximately 35% more visitors take a desired action on a website with real images as opposed to stock images.

The process that you can expect, once you have hired us for your website design project, unfolds as follows:

1 - Onboarding Call

Potential Lakeland, FL client answering an onboard call from Sharp 9 Media.

In order to produce the high-quality copy that is needed for your website’s content, we will have an onboarding phone call with you. We ask you questions about your business and the services it provides.

The onboarding call is your opportunity to get as detailed about your business as you can.

The answers you give to our questions will help us in our keyword research and enable our writer to write rich and detailed content. This will aid in search engine traffic that will become the fuel for your website’s lead generation. If you are utilizing our logo design service, we will have questions for that as well.

2 - Website Development Begins

Computer monitor showing code being written for a website in development.

During this phase of your project, our web design team will be busy writing your content, formatting your images, building your pages, and adding any necessary extra code.

We are a full service web design company that handles every aspect of your website project, so you are free to place all of your focus on your normal day-to-day business.

3 - Quality Assurance of Your Web Design Project

Sharp 9 Media team member go over a checklist for the quality assurance of a client's website.

As part of our quality assurance, the members of our web design team each go through a checklist of items to look for both during and after they have completed their work.

Once a web design project has been completed, our founder/lead developer personally combs through each website.

Our QA procedure ensures that your website will have been inspected by multiple pairs of eyes before being launched onto the internet.

4 - Your Website is Unveiled

Laptop that is partially opened to symbolize unveiling.

The final step of our website design process is unveiling your website so that you may inspect it for yourself. If any tweaks are needed, you can communicate them to us and we will make the necessary adjustments.

Once your website is launched, it's at this time your SEO package will commence if you have purchased it.

Stand Out In a Crowd: Why We Don’t Use Wordpress for Web Design

It is a fact that approximately 30% of all websites on the internet are Wordpress websites. That means millions of websites are using the same platform, the same plugins, the same Wordpress-based tactics, and are dependent on the same pool of developers.

It also means that it is a lot more difficult to stand out in the crowd!

Penguin that stands out among a group of other penguins.

At Sharp 9 Media, we don’t use Wordpress for our web design projects because we believe that in order to stand out, you must be willing to do things differently than everyone else.

All of our websites have been coded in-house. As such, our approach offers the following advantages:

  • None of our websites need to rely on plugins for their functionality or SEO
  • Our websites are faster than Wordpress websites right out of the box, especially for mobile devices.
  • Not relying on plugins means we are not dependent upon multiple third-party developers who may or may not be around in the future for technical support or plugin upgrades.
  • Upgrading a website is much easier for us because we do not have to worry about potential negative interactions between competing plugins.
  • We do not have to worry about the compatibility of themes and plugins to whichever version of Wordpress is current.

Wordpress has been around for a long time because it can be a great tool in the right hands. However, in the wrong hands, it can also become a nightmare of conflicts and technical issues.

If you are ready to try something different than your competition, or you have had a negative experience with Wordpress, then our web design company is the right choice for you.

How Much Does A Website Cost

Client of Sharp 9 Media preparing to make a payment on a new website.

We use a pricing model that is easy for our clients to understand. Our web design pricing works in the following manner:

I. Setup of the Core Pages

Almost all business websites on the internet have a core set of pages. These generally include any combination of:

  • Homepage
  • Contact Page
  • Careers Page
  • Areas Served Page
  • Gallery Page
  • About Us Page

The fee to set up and build any combination of the core pages is $800.

II. Service Page Creation

A huge amount of attention is paid to your service pages because those are the pages that will be most instrumental in allowing you to be found on Google and other search engines.

A separate page is created for each service that your business provides. This extra focus that we place on your services accounts for one part of the formula that makes our approach to your website’s SEO successful.

The fee for the creation of service pages is $350 each.

III. Custom Homepages Are Available

For clients who want to stand out even more, we offer custom-designed homepages. Custom homepages focus heavily on branding and offer more flare than a standard homepage.

Pricing for custom homepages is based upon the complexity of the design and the amount of code that will be needed to execute that design.

The fee for custom homepages starts at $1,500.

Custom homepages are an excellent way to emphasize any unique qualities about your business that you want to showcase.

Call us for a consultation on web design services that will have your business stand out

If you are a small or mid-sized business located in Lakeland, Florida or beyond, we are ready to help you grow your business. By using proven website design practices, we will build a website for your business that will place you favorably on search engines and help you with lead generation.

Start the process by calling us at (863) 877-4200 for a consultation. Leverage our web design services to help your business stand out from your competition.

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