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Organic and local SEO services for businesses in Lakeland, FL.

Search engine optimization, competitor monitoring, and more at your disposal.

Your Unfair Search Engine Optimization Advantage From Our Lakeland, FL SEO Company

You’re at the office computer. Before you can start your tasks, you get an update from Sharp 9 Media. Your new content piece is ready. You review it.

Google search engine is about to be used by a user looking for a service in Lakeland, FL.

It’s a blog post. The last one was a case study. Your web presence is growing. Soon you’ll be one of the first results on Google. Your friends and colleagues wonder how you did it. How did you manage to get ahead of all your competitors in the area?

You say you just like to keep an eye on things. The truth is that Sharp 9 Media has been looking at your competitor’s online presence, what keywords they use, and more. They included it as part of your organic SEO strategy.

Slow Business & The SEO Cure

I want to tell you a true story. If you read on, it might change the way you think about SEO.

At the start of 2019 my friend Lloyd asked for help with SEO. Lloyd owns Church Street Printers, a printing company on Long Island, NY. Business was lagging. Whenever you searched for a local printing company in his or surrounding areas, three other printing companies would show up in the Google Map results and he wouldn’t show up until the fourth page of the Google organic results.

“Shenole,” he said, “I’m desperate. My user traffic is only in the single digits.”

I told him I would help.

He had hired me for web design services and so I already knew his website was fundamentally sound. That meant it was time to deploy ongoing SEO tools. I monitored his competitors. I devised a strategy. And what do you know? It worked.

His website became the first result on Google’s local map pack results and a top 3 listing on the first page of Google’s organic search listings for his key services. By June he was now getting near triple-digit users to his website per month. Lloyd was thrilled.

Google analytics showing the growth in traffic for the Church Street Printers website after SEO services from Sharp 9 Media.

I’m not cherry-picking results, either. With ongoing SEO services, boosting your website traffic is the expectation. How do the Sharp 9 Media team and I do it?

Great Content Is Important For Higher Organic & Local Rankings

Rapture Guns & Knives of Lakeland, FL is a Sharp 9 Media client with great Google ranking.

Graph showing the growth in traffic of the Rapture Guns & Knives website.

If you need higher organic and local rankings, then you want great content.

A content piece can take the form of a:

  • Blog Post - Blog articles make you visible on the web to the world. And they make old clients return to read more. Our writers will write these articles. But we can do even better. Sharp 9 Media writers will inject potent new keywords into your website. More visibility. More traffic. Expanded client list.

  • Case Study - We show your website visitors detailed examples of your work from start to finish. Case studies convert readers into customers.

  • Service Page - Are you thinking about expanding your offerings? You can add a new service page with our ongoing SEO package.

  • Location Targeting Page - Once you have gained authority and ranking in your main target area, you can add a page that targets additional areas. We’ll help with our local SEO tactics.

Citation Building & Management

Yelp, Bing, and Foursquare are examples of business listings Sharp 9 Media uses to build citations.

Most SEO agencies will tell you that they’ll get you into hundreds of listings. You might think that sounds great, but there’s a huge catch. These firms pump your website into business listings using mindless aggregators. It’s easy work for them.

But a lot of those online listings have a poor domain authority score. Worse, there are citations where the info isn't entered into the lisitngs in the same format as what the aggregator had to start with. It winds up with inconsistent info across online listings.

When a search engine finds conflicting information for a company, it is a signal that the company's website may not be trustworthy and that it lacks authority. This results in poorer search engine rankings.

It’s easy to sell and even easier to manage citation building and management in this way. But would I do that for my website? Absolutely not!

With my website (the Sharp 9 Media website), I manually put the information into citation listings that I handpicked because they have high domain authority scores or relevancy to the web design industry. With my website, I monitor them to make sure the information is up-to-date.

Call it a soft spot, but I can’t treat your website any differently than I treat mine.

My website for Sharp 9 Media uses whatever local SEO tactics work best--and yours will too.

Your Window Into Competitors’ Business

Sharp 9 Media has the ability to monitor certain online metrics for the online presence of our client's competitors.

Imagine getting insights into your competitors’ business. Without them even suspecting. Sound like fiction? It’s not.

Sharp 9 Media uses specialized software that lets us look behind the scenes of your competitors’ online presence. Here are some questions we can answer:

  • How much traffic does their website get?

  • What keywords are used to bring in search volume and website visitors?

  • What backlinks do they have that are pushing up their rankings?

And there's alot more.

We take the data, analyze it, and use it to your advantage by incorporating our analysis into your overall organic SEO strategy.

What could you do if your business became a leader in your area? Expand? Sit back and finally enjoy your increased profits?

Know What People Think With Online Reputation Management

A company's online reputation is one aspect of the online presence tracking that Sharp 9 Media provides.

What do your clients think about you? Are they unsatisfied with some things? What if you had greater insight and could measure your online reputation?

We use software that lets us track your Google rankings, run audits on your website, track your online reputation rating, and more. Track what works and know that you’re growing.

An Honest Discussion About Search Engine Optimization

Remember my friend Lloyd?

He’s had a taste of what SEO services can do for business growth. Once you experience it, you’ll wonder why you didn’t start sooner. Thanks to his business growth, Llyod enjoys the profit margin that he’s been seeking.

But there’s something important you should know.

Getting the kind of organic rankings your business needs to grow takes time. It’s an investment and not a get-rich-quick scheme, and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying.

Optimal search engine optimization strategies involve ongoing effort. A series of tasks need to be done regularly. No corners cut.

Call for a consultation on organic and local SEO targeting

Our team at Sharp 9 Media will be with you every step of the way. We’ll make sure that the organic SEO and local SEO targeting for your business gets positive results.

Results that get you what you want--more clients and more sales.

To schedule a free consultation on our organic seo services, call or text us at (863) 877-4200.

This isn’t a high pressure sales call and there’s no obligation on your part. We’ll tell you more about our services and let you make up your own mind. We only want clients that we’re sure we can make happy.

What do you have to lose? More importantly, what do you have to gain?

See how we can improve your search engine rankings today.

Note: We don’t provide SEO services for websites that weren’t built by our team. Of course, we could. We could take your money and do our best. But the truth is that optimal SEO efforts need properly designed websites. Sadly, we can’t guarantee that websites built by others were coded correctly. We hate to do anything less than optimal.

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