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Logo design provided for Lakeland, FL small & mid-sized businesses.

Establishing the brand identity of your business becomes a much easier task with a logo design that effectively communicates to your potential customers.

Ever notice how the logos of well-established companies instantly make you aware of the companies they belong to, as well as what products or services they are known for?

That is an example of what a good logo design can do for a small or mid-sized business looking to establish their brand identity. And, that is the type of logo design our Lakeland, Florida based digital design agency delivers to our clients!

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The Importance of Logo Design for Your Brand

For small and mid-sized companies in and around communities like Lakeland, FL, establishing immediate recognition and a positive public perception are key.

A logo is generally the first thing that will be noticed about your company. Your logo is your company’s face and can instantly form how the public perceives your brand. For this reason and others, it is important that your company has a logo and that careful consideration is placed towards the design of it.

Some of the tools used by graphic artists for logo design.

When done properly, a logo efficiently sums up the important aspects of your company’s brand. Whether your business is located in Lakeland, Florida or a different part of the US entirely, if you are a small or mid-sized company it is vitally important to build trust, project professionalism, and instill an impression of quality services as quickly as possible.

Our digital design agency designs logos for small and mid-sized businesses who are looking to make an immediate and positive impression on their potential customers.

Company Logo Design Considerations & Professional Tools Used

Designing a company logo is not a case of simply trying to create a graphic that looks cool. There are a number of design considerations that go into professional logo design work. For example:

  • A company logo should be distinctive - In other words, the logo designer must deliver a creation that is easily recognizable and unique.
  • Emphasis must be placed on versatility - Your logo must have a design that allows it to look great whether it is in full color, black and white, small enough to be on a pen, or large enough to be on a billboard.
  • A message must be communicated - Items such as the font, imagery, shape, and color of the logo design need to come together to instantly communicate the essence of your company.

In order to pull these and other considerations together into a company logo design that's cohesive, we must implement powerful tools. The most powerful and fundamental tool is artistic talent. This tool comes in the form of the natural abilities of our graphic artist.

In addition to the talent of our graphic artist, our digital agency uses three of the top professional design tools in the industry...Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and CorelDRAW Graphics Suite.

With this software at the disposal of our graphic artist, inspired designs can be created freely and efficiently.

Examples of Logos Designed By Our Digital Agency’s Graphic Artist

As you can see in the following logo examples, we are able to accomodate companies where English is the primary language as well as companies that has Spanish as their primary language.

Audit & Consulting Services logo.

Quatri Metria logo.

Poseidon Electrical Suplies logo.

Good Pan logo.

Mindfit logo.

Habitat Architecture logo.

Event One Stop logo.

La Combi Orquesta band logo.

Sweet Vinilo Swimwear logo.

Jaque Mate logo.

Gombo Web Animation logo.

Hausu Gourmet logo.

Our Logo Design Process

Sharp 9 Media graphic artist working on the logo for a new client.

When it comes to the process that clients can expect from our digital design agency, we follow a very organized set of steps. Keep in mind that, because logo design involves artistic inspiration, there is no way to give a definitive number of days that it takes to bring a project from start to finish.

We typically can have a finished logo for you within 2 weeks, depending on how quickly you are able to provide us with any revision requests.

The steps involved with our logo design process are as follows:

Step 1: Onboarding Call

Once you have made the decision to hire our logo design service, we take you through our onboarding phase. This is when you provide us with any ideas you may have for what you want in your logo as well as provide us with some information about your company.

Step 2: Initial Design Work

After collecting your design requests and company information, our graphic designer will work to develop 3 conceptual design directions that your logo can take based on that information.

Step 3: Choosing A Direction

We deliver our graphic artist’s renderings of the logo design concepts for you to decide upon which direction is the one that is more in line with what you are looking for.

At this point we will ask you questions that will help our graphic designer to zero in even more on details for the logo design.

Step 4: Revisions Are Made

Your chosen design concept is revised based upon any additional details you provided us. Once our graphic designer begins work on your chosen design concept, you are provided with 2 free revisions as part of our standard service.

Any additional revisions after the initial 2 will be charged an hourly fee.

Step 5: Final Design Approval

When our graphic artist has completed the last revision, you will be presented the final design for approval.

Upon your approval, your logo is released to you in all relevant file formats. If you are building a website with us, we will incorporate aspects of your logo into it for branding purposes. If you are a utilizing our ongoing SEO services, your logo will be placed in your citation listings and anywhere else that is relevant.

How Much Does Logo Design Cost

There are different design costs, depending upon whether or not you are building a website with our design agency and how many revisions beyond the initial 2 free ones you opt to do.

  • Our standard logo design service, if you are not doing a website with us, is $750. This includes 2 revisions, as described above in our design process.
  • Clients who are doing a website with us and decide to also use our logo design service will receive a 30% discount on the fee associated with their logo design work. This brings the logo design cost down to $525.

Adobe Illustrator is one of the tools used by Sharp 9 Media's graphic artis for logo design.

If you would like to have more revisions than the 2 free ones that are included in our standard logo design service, there will be a fee of $50 per hour for the additional time taken for any extra revisions.

★★★ Get 1,000 Business Cards for Free ★★★

If you hire our digital design agency to create your company logo and build a website with at least 2 service pages, we will provide you with 1,000 complimentary business cards featuring your new logo. The business cards will be delivered at your doorstep free of charge!

Call for a consultation on logo design work that will communicate your brand identity

Your logo will serve as the symbol of your company. It must immediately communicate to potential customers what your branding identity is. It must also instill trustworthiness and project professionalism.

With something as important as your brand identity at stake, you should leave your logo design to a professional like Sharp 9 Media. Call our Lakeland, Florida based digital agency at (863) 877-4200 for a consultation today!

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