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Find out answers to the top 10 questions that we receive

At Sharp 9 Media, we are always eager to answer the questions of our potential clients. We believe that an informed client is one that will be interested in a long term relationship that will help their business grow.

The coding language primarily responsible for image sliders and some animations is called Javascript. As a general rule, we avoid using javascript wherever possible because it can drastically slow down a website's ability to load on mobile devices.

However, there are some animations we don't mind doing that are not resource heavy and won't slow your website down.
We follow two philosphies. The first is that with more moving parts come more things that can go wrong. The second is that you distinguish yourself by standing apart from the crowd.

Wordpress has an ecosystem of plugins and themes that may provide for a certain level of expandability, but also introduces more avenues for technical problems and conflicts. Furthermore, with millions of websites using the same plugins for SEO and other features, it becomes more difficult for you to gain an edge over your competition.
We do not repair websites that were built by other developers or companies. The reason is that we cannot guarantee that the code written by other developers was written following best practices.

And so, fixing one problem may lead into a time consuming spiral of needing to fix a host of others. Think of it like a game of Wack-A-Mole!
We do not provide SEO services for websites we did not build because we cannot guarantee that websites from other developers were coded following best practices. If your website is not built correctly in the first place, ALL of your search engine optimization and internet marketing efforts will struggle greatly.
Naturally, we do everything within our power to make sure you receive the best services possible. But if, for some reason, you decide to leave Sharp 9 Media to go with another company's services, we will provide you with all content that was created for your website.

This includes any formatted images, logo designs, text, and the values of the hex color codes that we used to match any branding colors on your website to your logo. This will make it easy for you to have a new site built that will contain all of the important content that you had in your previous website.
We provide managed hosting for all websites that we build. This means that any behind the sceens updates needed to keep your website functioning smoothly are taken care of by us. Also, we cover minor on-page updates such as changing out photos or updating text. Furthermore, by hosting the websites we build, other technical tasks like 301 redirects are far easier for us to do.

The cost for our managed hosting is $25 per month.
With our logo design services you can expect to have your logo ready for use within 2 weeks, as long as you are prompt with informing us about any changes you would like to have made during the 2 free revisions we provide.
At Sharp 9 Media, we don't use contracts to hold our clients to our services as is typical with many other companies in the web design industry.
At Sharp 9 Media, we are happy to change out a few photos or update some text for you if required. In general, such requests can be taken care of with 15 to 20 minutes of work. If it's possible that changes you request may require 1 hour or more of work, we first will provide you with an estimate based upon our development fee of $50 per hour and then you can make a determination on whether or not we should do the changes at that time.

If you are paying for our monthly SEO package , you may opt to have the changes you desire take the place of your content piece for the month.
The lowest price possible for one of our websites is $1,150. This is considering the $800 fee to set up any combination of the core pages and $350 for the required 1 service page minimum.