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Sharp 9 Media: How Our Company Was Formed

The company may be young, but the path to its founding was 13 years in the making!

Sculpture that is displayed at Mirror Lake in Lakeland, FL.

Hi, my name is Shenole Latimer and I’m the founder of Sharp 9 Media. Though the company first came about in 2015, the history and path to its founding is much more in depth than what appears on the surface.

I first started building websites in 2002. Back then, I was a professional musician in the New York City metropolitan area but had learned how to code out of the necessity of needing a website for self-marketing purposes. It didn’t take long for other musicians and even some of the venues I performed at to take notice and hire me to build their websites. This would eventually lead to me building a few hundred websites over the course of the following 13 years.

Fast forward to 2014 and I had fully switched my focus to coding and web development. By 2015, I had relocated to Lakeland, Florida and I realized that I could take all I had learned about marketing and search engine optimization over the previous 13 years I had successfully marketed myself, and apply it to the small and mid-sized businesses in Lakeland and beyond. Sharp 9 Media was born!

The company started out with me working solo and has now grown into a small yet mighty team that fixates over our expanding list of clients.

To find out more about Sharp 9 Media and how we can build your online presence so that you can grow your business, give us a call at (863) 877-4200.

Meet The Sharp 9 Media Team

Shenole Latimer is the founder and lead developer for Sharp 9 Media.

Shenole LatimerFounder/Web Developer/SEO

Content writing for Sharp 9 Media is handled by Meg Mueller.

Meg MuellerContent Writer

Steve Gomez takes care of logo design for Sharp 9 Media.

Steve GomezGraphic Artist

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